Junior CDA

JCDA Court St. Maria Goretti

#312 Winslow

JCDA Court St. Maria Goretti Winslow #312

In attendance at the AZ CDA Conference

AZ Junior Catholic Daughters Court Santa Chiara #2677, Deacon David Opsahl and Court Chaplain Father Hans Ruygt as they celebrate National Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas Day, February 20, 2020.

The purpose and mission of the JCDA program is divided into a threefold program of


and is based on 4 objectives and goals:

1. To promote the development of the whole person through programs of self-identity, personal growth and peer group relationships;

2. To promote service to others in the parish, community and JCDA;

3. To encourage spiritual growth by providing opportunites for personal prayer, liturgy and ecumented understanding;

4. To encourage programming that is creative, open, flexible, and current to the needs and concerns of a particular area.

The JCDA goals and objectives can be realized in many ways through varied activities.

The program is flexible and enables each court to use its resources and the talents of those involved to develop a program of interest to its membership.

Does JCDA sound like a place where you, or a young lady in your life, can find a place to make friends, practice the Catholic faith and live a life of service?

For more information call Lorrie Holland - 623.512.1042 or email her at lorrieholland@aol.com